Blagoveshenka Gated Community on Pyatnitskoye Highway, 14th km


Prices for residential lots available for development range from 7,500 to 12,000 USD for 0.01 hectare (USD amounts to be paid in roubles at the Moscow Interbank Foreign Exchange (MMVB) rate on the day of payment transfer). Variation in price depends on a specific location of a particular lot and its size. It is important for us to assure that the buyer will not incur any hidden extra costs while the cost of all necessary utility infrastructure is already covered.

Thus the price for a land lot includes:

1. Property rights for the selected lot of land;
2. Brokerage fees;
3. Gas supply available at the lot line;
4. Electric power supply available at the lot lines;
5. Water supply available at the lot lines;
6. Sewerage available at the lot lines;
7. Community roads network;
8. Entrance facilities;
9. Fencing along the community perimeter;
10. Public space.

Acquisition transaction of a land lot in Blagoveshenka consists of two stages:
1. Signing of the preliminary agreement to purchase with an advance payment of 20% of the price of a land lot;
2. Signing of the principal contract of purchase of the selected land lot;
3. Payment of balance, registration of the purchase, receiving of the Certificate of Title.