Blagoveshenka Gated Community on Pyatnitskoye Highway, 14th km


Blagoveshenka Gated Community offers land lots for residential development in the area of Pyatnitskoye Highway, 14th km.

Advantages of buying in Blagoveshenka:

1. Close proximity to Moscow - about 14 km to Moscow MKAD ring road;
2. Convenient access via roads - just 250 m off Pyatnikskoye Highway;
3. Convenient access via public transportation - 1 minute walk to the bus stop. Bus service to/from Tushinskaya, Skhodnenskaya and Planernaya subway stations;
4. Best price in the area - 20% below current market value;
5. Utility infrastructure included in the price;
6. Wide selection of land lots is available at the early stage of the project - ranging in acreage from 0,2 to 0,75 acres and in price starting 80,000 to 370 000 USD
7. Quiet and beautiful location + all modern amenities.

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Land lots for development, all utility on site, located just outside Moscow limits in one of the most prestigious and beautiful suburban area a great combination of benefits for wise investment today and tomorrow. The amount of livable land is finite, diminishing every year both in volume and quality, and increasing its value it remains the most secure way both to preserve Your savings and invest for profit.

When You buy land that offers quality living in an exclusive and rapidly developing area it is twice as better for Your money, and such is the area of Blagoveshchenka near Pyatnitskoye Highway. Today there is a stunning meadow surrounded by the woods, the only remaining swath of land of its kind in the area. In three years there will be playgrounds alive with kids, welcoming promenades for quiet evening walks, irresistible smell of barbecue drifting from picnics held in private open spaces. Blagoveshchenka will become a modern suburban community up to the highest standards of business-class level of utilities and social infrastructure.

For quality land to increase in value it requires no specific involvement on the part of an investor. It is rather a natural process that thrives off of diminishing supply of available land. Investors premium can increase up to 100% if over the course of investment period the land receives new quality improvements that add to its attractiveness on the market. Considering the fast pace of the development in the area of Pyatnitskoye Highway vacant land lots are already hard to find.

Land investments can be even more profitable if the land assets have an attractive buying price. Blagoveshchenka offers the best prices and conditions for land lots for development with all utilities on site. Last year 0.01 hectare/100 sq m of land near Pyatnitskoye Hwy (10-15km from Moscow) averaged a price of 16.000 USD. Today You can buy in Blagoveshchenka for 8.000 USD to 11.000 USD for 0.01 hectare/100 sq m, meaning You will pay twice as lower a price of our competitors.

Buying land in Blagoveshchenka offers a profitable opportunity unparalleled by any other developer on the market. You are welcome to visit Blagoveshchenka site to get a first-hand look at our project and inquire any additional information of Your interest from us to help You consider the prospects of profitable investment and moving up into a new level of quality living and social environment for You and Your family.